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Intelligent servo transformer: classification and use of transformer winding machine

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Classification of transformer winder

Generally according to the transformer voltage grade or capacity to divide, common CNC winding machine, active winding machine and foil winding machine and vertical winding machine and so on.

1. General CNC winding machine

General numerical control winding machine is our common winding equipment, the series of product line coverage is relatively wide, small and medium type also have heavy and large model, control system generally selects single chip circuit, because of low price, stability, protection and other features, the transformer producer has been widely used.

2. Active winding machine

The presentation of the active winding machine greatly reduces the strength of the operators, we commonly use the CNC controller, the high-end models select PLC and the fine servo system, in order to get used to the demand of modern electric, the speed of the active winding machine is getting higher and higher. The tensioning mechanism makes the winding coils neat and regular.

3, foil winding machine

The foil winding machine is mainly used for winding the foil coil, its structure and function are more and more messy than the general winding machine. Tension manipulation and foil strip correction are the key skills of the foil winding machine. Now, there is a certain distance between the domestic manufacture and the imported equipment. Higher skills are also being dealt with gradually.

4. Vertical winding machine

We may not be very common about the vertical winding machine. It is attributed to the special equipment. The vertical winding machine is generally used in the winding of the high voltage coil in the large transformer, and the vertical winding machine is also selected for the low pressure spiral coil. Its working principle and processing scale are completely different from the common parallel winding machine. Now the vertical winding line is made. Further development of the machine, bearing capacity can also be progressing, making the winding production reach a new level.

5, solid coiling iron core winding machine

The three dimensional winding machine of three dimensional core is highly active. Only the number of the gear tooth number of the gear coiled on the operating screen can be directly displayed, avoiding the fault of the traditional winding number and the number of turns. The device realizes the winding operation of the winding personnel, and greatly reduces the labor intensity. A three-dimensional winding machine with reversible and power failure memory function, simple and reliable operation, high efficiency, suitable for the scale of the characteristics, is a new generation of intelligent three-dimensional coil core coil winding equipment.

Use of transformer winder

Transformer winding machine is the most important core production equipment in the production process, its winding performance determines the electrical characteristics of the transformer and the beauty of the coil. At present, there are three main types of transformer winding machine: horizontal winding machine, vertical winding machine, automatic winding machine, they are used in different fields of transformer, respectively. In the production, with the development of technology, the progress of the winding machine is also great, mainly embodied in the function and winding performance. Below we simply talk about how to use the transformer winder reasonably.

1. Correctly setting the parameters of the transformer winding machine

If the winding machine is able to set the normal work correctly, the transformer winding machine is different from the other winding machine which belongs to the slow running equipment. Because the production process of the transformer determines the frequent starting and constant torque requirements of the equipment, the parameters of the winding machine need to be set: the number of loops is set as the equipment. According to the number of cycles that the production process needs to run, it is divided into the total circle number and the number of rings corresponding to each step respectively. The set is to pay attention to the total circle number equal to the sum of the number of each step circle. The function setting of the slow car is also a common parameter. It mainly controls the slow running of the control equipment when it starts and stops, and plays a soft start and a parking buffer. The function, correct setting can allow the operator to have a process to adapt to the pulling force when starting the winding machine. When the equipment stops with a buffer, it can be more accurate. The speed of the operation is used to control the speed of the equipment. The setting of the speed should be determined by the production process and the actual working conditions of the winding. It is not conducive to the forming of the coil. The rapid operation will not benefit the operator's control, increase the vibration and noise of the equipment. Too low speed will greatly affect the production capacity and efficiency of the equipment, and will also affect the torque output of the spindle. The step sequence function is used to control the operation of the equipment, and it is generally based on the order of the equipment. The production process decides that the forming and winding of a coil is not only the winding of the enameled wire, but also many other steps, such as the wrapping paper layer, the package insulating cloth and so on, so the correct setting of the step sequence function will effectively exert the efficiency of the equipment.

2. Properly loading and unloading dies and shaping

The winding machine only correctly uses the winding die to work properly. The correct loading and unloading die plays a key role in the forming of the coil. The loading and unloading process of the mould usually first loosens the fastening device, then removes the pin tail frame of the equipment, and finally uses the displacement device to remove the coil, and should pay attention first to the installation. The mold is installed on the fixing device of the winding machine, adjusting the tail frame of the thimble to stop the winding mandrel, and finally in the lock. The thimble needle should not be loosened when the coil is reshaped during the winding process and the equipment should be in the stop state, only when the treatment is properly handled can the efficiency of the equipment be better played.

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