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The requirements of the winding machine for the installation of the ground

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It is also known that the normal operation of the winding machine requires a lot of conditions, such as the safety of the winding machine operation, the grounding of the winding machine, and so on, which need to be paid attention to. Proper installation and use of winding machine can not only improve work efficiency, but also extend the use time of inductance winding machine.

The installation and commissioning of the winding machine's foundation and inductance winding machine on the working site will also affect the dynamic characteristics of the winding machine. For example, the site of the user's work site is not strong. First, the dynamics of the winding machine will be affected. Secondly, the winding machine may vibrate in the case of high speed or high power output, which can not guarantee the normal work of the winding machine.

In addition, the temperature and humidity of the environment are also a direct influence on the operation of the winding machine, so the workshop workshop of the winding machine should pay attention to the cooling of ventilation, keep the appropriate temperature and prevent the temperature to be too high to affect the heat dissipation.

Finally, there are many easy to damage parts in the inductor winding machine, such as ceramic, tension friction wheel, wire felt and so on. These parts are in a state of fast wear during the operation of the equipment, and must be replaced in a timely manner after reaching the upper limit of use. The mechanical components, such as the transmission mechanism and the displacement device of the winding machine, also require regular injection of lubricating oil. The tightness of the power transmission belt, the various braking and damping moments will change after the equipment is used for a period of time. The configuration of the above parts needs to be regularly measured and adjusted.

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