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Winding machine and coil winding process

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The automatic winding machine is mainly used for small coils of different specifications used in the production of scientific research, such as transmission coils, platinum and rhodium alloy wire, tungsten rhenium wire and other special materials. With the development of China's economy, the requirements for the winding machine are becoming higher and higher. The coil winding enterprise has a stable performance, convenient operation, complete function and beautiful appearance for the winding machine.

The winding machine developed by some enterprises in our country will meet some common problems when winding fine enameled wire and precious metal wire, such as broken wire, irregular line line, unstable tension control and so on, which seriously affect the performance of the product. In view of this situation, a low speed winding machine suitable for micro coils has been developed vertically and horizontally. It has been proved by practice that it can solve these problems well. The product tension is stable, the line is neat and the outer shape is beautiful. The appearance of the product has achieved the effect of "mirror surface".

Coil winding process: first, by precisely positioning the fixture, the concentricity and effective operation of the skeleton are ensured. When winding the coil, the speed is required to start from 0, and slowly and uniformly up to ensure that the main shaft of the winding can be stable, smooth and jitter at any speed. In the alloy fine microfilaments around 0.05 mm, it is necessary to ensure its continuous wire, ring line neat, no cut, no obvious mechanical creases, no pressing, and no breakage, slots, loosening and equipment failure.

In order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for the quality and performance of the coil, we must improve the technical level of the winding machine so that it can produce coils that can meet the needs of various industries.

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