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What do you want to do for the maintenance and maintenance of the winding machine

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In order to ensure the normal operation of a winding machine, routine inspection and correct operation are indispensable important steps. First of all, the equipment manual should be set up for daily recording and reading of the operation and problems of the reading winding machine. When starting work, we should carefully check the worktable, the guide rail and the main sliding surfaces, such as obstacles, tools, impurities and so on. We must clean, wipe clean, oil and examine the mobile mechanism of the equipment carefully. If there is any new pull, research and bruise, if the equipment operator should be informed, check whether the analysis is caused by failure and make good records.

Daily maintenance and maintenance of the winding machine to do:

1, check the safety protection, power supply, limit and other devices should be complete.

2, check the electrical distribution box should be closed and reliable, electrical grounding is good.

3, check the accessories of the equipment are good. The passing wheel, Mao Zhanjia, the wire feeder, the ceramic component and so on should be complete, the installation is correct, the running test car is running smoothly, there is no abnormal noise and so on.

The above work is cumbersome, but it can effectively determine whether the equipment is in good condition and prevent the occurrence of failures. After inspection, if there is no exception, then the equipment can be started to work around the line normally. In the operation process, the operator also needs to strictly follow the rules of use. There are many inadvertent operations that will damage the equipment in varying degrees. In the process of use, it should be carefully performed and do not do things irrelevant to the work.

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