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What factors affect the price of the winding machine

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There are many winding machines in the market, and the functions are basically the same, but the price difference is very big. Why is this? The factors that affect the price of the winding machine are analyzed.

(1) raw material cost: This is the most important, the raw material of a fully automatic winding machine is sure to be more expensive than the hand, single axis winding machine, so the automatic winding machine is impossible to be cheap over the handbag machine, selling people is not silly, how can sell you at a loss. The good winding machine is superior to the general winding machine on material selection and parts, many of which use imported materials, and the price is naturally higher.

(2) if the cost is almost the same, the main factor determining the price is the brand. Most people buy the habit is to buy people trust, through the market verification, so now more and more companies want to build their own brand, brand, good money, rough rationale, do business does not figure out what to make.

(3) market: the market is not the vegetable market, it is the industry market. Everyone has probably heard of the terminology such as industry downturn. This is related to international, many industries, and too many things. To sum up, simply speaking, the winding machine is mostly wound around the transformer, and the electronic products are popular, and the winder industry is naturally thriving.

(4) the market positioning of enterprises: Li Zi is the same goods. The selling price of different regions is different, which is related to transportation cost, market development and competition.

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