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Classification and characteristics of transformer winding machine

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As the name suggests, the transformer winding machine is a special equipment for winding the coil of the transformer. Below, it introduces the classification and characteristics of the winding machine of the transformer.

Classification of transformer winding machine:

During the coil production of the transformer, the winding equipment is divided according to the voltage grade or capacity of the transformer. There are automatic winding machine and foil winding machine winding the high and low voltage coils of the distribution transformer, and a vertical winding machine and a horizontal winding machine winding the coil of a large power transformer.

The transformer winding machine is mainly used in the winding process of the high and low voltage winding of the transformer. It is mainly divided into two categories of automatic and numerical control. The numerical control model is the most used equipment at present. The transformer winding machine has been improved and developed for several generations, and the function and processing ability have been developed rapidly.

Characteristics of transformer winding machine:

The structure of the transformer winding machine is mainly composed of the fuselage, the frame, the spindle mechanism, the rear frame support, the frame and other components. Because the transformer coil has a certain weight at the same time, it also needs to bear the external force of knocking and shaping when processing, so the machine body and the frame of the winding machine are used to bear strong energy steel. The size of force can be divided into three types: small, medium and large.

The spindle system is the key component of the winding machine of the transformer. It amplifies the power of the motor through the multistage deceleration, and has met the winding of the transformer coil. Generally, the structure of the motor + deceleration mechanism is used, and the variable speed mechanism usually uses the variable frequency transmission of the electric machine or the gear shift of the reducer. Realization。

The data storage section of the transformer winding machine is the same as 0~999 steps, it can be high speed positive and negative rewinding line, the number of loop is accurate, the problem data is automatically saved in use, CNC can monitor and display the production situation, it is simple to set and convenient to operate.

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