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Automatic line winding machine speed saving manual

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Automatic line winding machine is used in automatic line winding and lifting technology. It is suitable for coil winding of various medium and small power distribution transformers, transformers, reactor coils and similar processes. Automatic wire winding machine speed, save labor, liberate productivity.

The automatic line winding machine is composed of winding main machine, automatic line arrangement device, layer insulation supply device, force adjustable discharge line frame, winding, folding function, pneumatic system, PLC control and servo system. It has the advantages of high automation, complete functions, strong power and so on.

Automatic line winding machine features:

1. winding and arranging line servo cooperating with winding, arranging line and auxiliary line (analog hand), evenly winding the line, protecting environment and saving energy.

2. the automatic line winding machine that simulates the line of human hand line. This automatic winding system can correct the accumulative difference between the line and the winding through the real-time detection device and the line and winding energy, so as to complete the whole winding and winding of the rotor coil of the motor generator, and get rid of the low efficiency of the coil relying on the manual line production. Stability factors.

3.CNC control input, domestic exclusive research and development of special program operation winding, stable performance is superior, the pass rate of more than 98%.

4., it has the characteristics of setting, stepless speed regulation, automatic adjustment of width adjustment, and stable starting of starting wires.

5. fully automatic winding, adhesive tape function.

Automatic wire winding machine automatic winding and winding, automatic wire winding machine speed, saving labor and liberating productivity is the best equipment for winding all kinds of coils.

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