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Common problems and solutions of line winding machine

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When we use the winder, we usually encounter some problems, especially when it is used for several years. The problems we encounter are generally divided into 2 major categories. One is the hardware problem, and the two is to set up the problem.

First of all, we have to look at the problem of the situation analysis. For example, let's take a few common problems with the wire winding machine.

1, the line is not neat. We need to analyze whether the problem occurs during normal processing or when the product has been debugged. The former is generally a hardware problem. The latter is generally a problem setting. In general, the hardware problems are the loosening of the fixture, the loosening of the fastening screws of the line mechanism and the poor lubrication of the line mechanism, which leads to the irregular line of the step motor.

2. The position of the main shaft is not accurate. Spindle parking location inaccuracy is generally caused by brake failure. For example, brake pad loosening or brake pad wear. It is also related to the setting of braking time. The braking time is too short. You need to change the brake pad or. Adjust the brake time.

3. The number of winding coils is inaccurate and the line winding machine is not allowed to count. Generally, because of the hardware problems of the sensor, or the controller, the winding machine can not work, it is generally notified to the manufacturer for maintenance and solution.

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