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Common die for automatic winding machine

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In the operation of automatic winding machine, it is generally necessary to use the supporting mold to make the corresponding motor stator coils. The moulds used by different types of motor are different.

Automatic winding machine

It is widely used in the production and manufacturing process of batch automatic winding machine. This kind of die has the combination of baffle and mold core. The material is usually made of electric wood board. When winding the coil, it is fixed on the winding axis of the machine winding machine. It has the characteristics of durable, accurate size, convenient handling and so on.

The support die is a small and medium combination mold, which is mainly used in the maintenance industry of automatic winding machine. This kind of die has two ends metal support, die head and other parts. The material is usually high strength plastic. It is used to connect the metal bracket to the motor winding machine in use. It has the characteristics of flexible and portable use.

Finally, the manufacturers of CNC winding machines remind that molds should be measured regardless of the winding molds used. The measurement of the winding die needs to be paid attention to the width and height of the mold, and whether it matches the winding bar. It will affect the loading and unloading of the mould, which will result in the effect of the die sloshing and the effect of the line effect.

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