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Fault of winding machine error connection and treatment method

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Misalignment of winding machine will form an asymmetrical magnetic field. It is difficult to start the motor lightly, the three-phase current is unbalanced, and the heavy wire burns the winding machine. Misconnection of several cases: coil embedded, winding machine to reverse; Delta, Y connection error.

(1) cause

If the delta is connected to Y or Y, delta connection will be reversed; the internal wiring of the winding machine is wrong; the terminal of the wiring terminal is wrong.

(two) detection method

1. ball ball method. It is possible to confirm whether the winding machine is connected correctly according to whether the small steel ball can roll along the inner surface of the stator.

20 thousand use the table test method. Using multimeter according to the wiring diagram for testing, as long as there is no reading of multimeter, it shows that the winding machine has reverse connection.

Winding machine

(three) treatment method

1. it is possible to determine whether there is an inversion of the individual coil or coil group according to the characteristics of the large unbalance of the no-load current. The coil must be replaced at this time, immersed in the insulating varnish, and then dried at the end.

2. if the leading end is wrong, it is necessary to correctly judge the end.

3., according to the characteristics of the reverse current surge, we can find out one phase of the winding machine mishandled.

If the 4.Y is connected to Delta, the no-load current will be very large, so it needs to be corrected in a timely manner.

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