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How to install the automatic winding machine

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The correct installation of the automatic winding machine is the premise to improve the coil winding efficiency. For the first use of the automatic winding machine, it is not a simple work to install the winding machine. The vertical and horizontal machine introduces the installation process of the automatic winding machine.

Automatic winding machine

1. the worktable and foundation of the automatic winding machine must be adapted to the base of this type of winding machine, and ensure that the winding machine installed on it is firm and reliable, and the reliable grounding equipment is ensured around it, and there is no big interference source around it.

2. the worktable and foundation of the automatic winding machine should have enough strength and stiffness to avoid violent vibration when the winding machine moves at high speed. It ensures that the vibration of the winding machine does not affect its precision and life, and does not shake and influence the quality of the coil.

3. the workbench and foundation of the automatic winding machine should have stability and durability, waterproof and skid proof and corrosion of harmful objects, so as to ensure no deformation or partial subsidence. When the winder is placed in an environment likely to be subjected to chemical fluid, oil or corrosion, the protective layer should be added to the foundation. For example, the surface of the foundation is coated with acid proof and oil proof cement slurry, and liquid drainage and liquid collecting trenches are arranged.

4. the center of gravity and the working table of the automatic winding machine and the center of gravity of the foundation and the centripetal surface of the ground are located in the same vertical line.

5. the foundation of the large automatic winding machine should be pre pressed before the machine is installed. The quality of the prepress is 1.25 times the total quality of the winding machine and the maximum mass of the workpiece. The prepressure can be made of steel, sand and small stones. The preloading should be uniformly pressed on the foundation to ensure uniform settlement of the foundation. The preloading work should go to the foundation and no longer continue to sink.

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