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Choose a suitable winding machine to improve efficiency

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The automatic technology of the CNC winding machine has become a bottleneck restricting the ability and efficiency of the CNC winding machine. However, the growth of the technology is not possible in several months or years. In order to improve the efficiency of the winding and the operating rate of the equipment, it is suggested that people choose the right winding machine.

1, CNC winding machine reasonable purchase. This is a common topic in the industry. In view of the different characteristics of different enterprises, the choice of a suitable automatic CNC winding machine is the key to ensure the efficiency of its winding. First of all, we should take economic and practical as the premise to solve the bottleneck of enterprise efficiency, solve the efficiency of coiling of complex coils and high precision and difficult coil winding speed, improve the working conditions of employees, reduce labor intensity and improve enterprise efficiency. Then, the parameters of the coil are refined, the coils are conformed to the consistency of the parameters of the coil and the communication of the equipment; the working procedure is concentrated, the operation cycle of the product is shortened, the working time of the fixture is reduced and the production preparation time is reduced, and the flexible automation is realized. In addition, targeted selection can not blindly pursue high, sophisticated, sharp and large, but it does not feel that saving money and purchasing equipment for family reduction. At the same time, we should have reliable support and support, such as the management degree, programming, operation, maintenance and maintenance of the numerical control equipment, and ensure that each winding machine runs in the best state, so as to promote the function and dyeing of the new equipment.

A picture of a winding machine

2. Whether the daily maintenance of the winding machine is convenient, the maintenance of the scientific standardization of the enterprise is one of the most important means to improve the efficiency of the CNC winding machine. The maintenance of the CNC winding machine mainly includes the maintenance, maintenance and rational use of the winding machine, and the planning and debugging of the information flow, the material flow and the flow of the various kinds of CNC equipment. The networked and digitalized manufacturing of enterprises is necessary.

3, it is suggested that the enterprise reasonably design the parameters of the coil. For many years, the selection of the parameters of the coil winding process in China's electronic equipment manufacturing is mainly based on its own final product function, and the process and parameters of the coil are obtained through a large number of winding processes. In order to fundamentally solve the high efficiency and high quality of the winding machine and solve the technological problems of the enterprise itself, the key is to change the traditional way of obtaining the process parameters by relying on a large number of experiments.

4. Improve the programming efficiency of the winding track. The NC code of winding machine is easy to understand and also relates to the efficiency of winding machine. Some enterprises produce winding machine, operation trouble, programming code without long training is completely incomprehensible, especially the more complex coil winding, once the need to winder is too much action, the programming will be a very tedious and hard work.

5, do well in the development, design and maintenance of tooling for winding fixture. The more advanced CNC winding machine, without a reasonable fixture and matching, it is almost impossible to get the qualified coil products and improve the winding efficiency. Especially in the high-speed winding state, the concentricity and rigidity of the fixture will be the prerequisite and prerequisite for the high-speed winding of the winding machine.

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